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Home Resources API Reference Mojo.requireString(expectedString, message, messageProperties)

Mojo.requireString(expectedString, message, messageProperties)

Writes an error to the log and throws an exception if expectedString fails the Prototype isString method. Returns String containing the error message written to the log.

Parameter Type Description
expectedString Object Object to be checked to be a string.
message String Custom message to use if the assertion fails. Message will be run through template evaluation against messageProperties so you can include details of the assertion failure in the message.
messageProperties Object Object containing values to use with template evaluation.

Example usage:

Mojo.Event.listen=function listen(target,type,handlerFunction,useCapture){
  Mojo.requireDefined(target,"Mojo.Event.listen: 'target' parameter must be defined.");
  Mojo.requireString(type,"Mojo.Event.listen: 'type' parameter must be a string.");
    "Mojo.Event.listen: 'handlerFunction' parameter must be a function.");


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