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Root your Palm Pre: More webOS hacks emerge

In the wake of the webOS root image last week (and lack of a public SDK), programmers have been busy porting games such as Doom, getting a Linux NES emulator to run, even finding ways to enable tethering on the device. More hacks have since surfaced, including the installation of 1700+ Optware Linux command-line packages, useful Global Search addons, and tweaking the functionality of several stock applications. Follow the links for the install instructions; you will also need to know how to root your device to get started.

Enable the Optware Package Feed - Link

Optware is the product of years of work from the nslu2-linux.org project. The package includes many apps including web servers, compiler toolchains, protocol analysers, and much more. These 1700+ packages can now be installed onto the Pre, essentially giving the handset the full functionality of a Linux computer. While it's still in command-line form (GUI can be expected after the public SDK), all of it can be utilized without interfering with webOS.

Global Search Addons - Link

This hack adds several additional Global Search buttons to the Pre, from everything from Amazon, Facebook, IMDB, Wikipedia, and much more. This may be useful for streamlining your searches and may be quite appealing to casual users who want an easy way to search their favorite sites. The tutorial includes pre-configured logo graphics and code for each site, and once installed you just have to start typing and the new options will show up.

Modify Stock Applications - Link

So far, several preloaded Pre applications have been tweaked to increase functionality, many of which may be useful for casual and power users alike. Current mods are listed below:

  • Camera: Add option to turn off the shutter sound and add a self timer
  • Amazon Music: Currently, the Amazon app only allows downloading over Wi-Fi, this will allow downloading over EVDO/3G
  • Messaging Application: Add timestamps to all received messages and make the messaging app create a new card for each conversation
  • PDF Viewer: Allow the viewer to auto-rotate into landscape mode (only portrait mode enabled by default)
  • Dialer / Phone App: Turn off the dialpad noise
  • Sounds and Alerts: Change the notification and alert sounds on your device

More hacks are expected as time goes on. If you've tried any of the ones available so far, how has your experience been? Also, is there a current Pre feature that you wish was different / better and hope that a hack will be available in the future?

PreDevWiki via Palm Infocenter



  1. I'd like more pages added to the launcher for easier sorting. And add the category feature back to the Contacts. (I have over 700 and they are all mixed in with each other)
  2. We need email search! It took the iphone soooooo long to get it and right when it did, I bought a Pre without it. It hurts deep inside.
  3. i need java script code for dial pad of palm pre mobile phone.
    please help me. as soon as possible.

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