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New webOS hacks - Palm Pre video recording, MSN Messenger and more

Although still in early stages, a couple new promising hacks have arisen by way of webOS internals (who were behind other projects such as a virtual keyboard). Below is a short summary of the latest:

Basic video recording has been enabled, and full-out video support looks like a real possibility in the future. So far, the Pre camera is recording at 320x480 @ 30fps. However, the format is severely restricted, with SMPlayer being one of the few players capable of playback right now. See below for an actual video:

The Pre hardware is reported to be capable of up to 720x480 widescreen @ 30fps, so hopefully with improvements (or an official solution from Palm) the quality and formatting can be improved.

Visit the official page at webOS internals. Normally the feature requires some work to get running (including root access), but Precentral gives some help in their forums, with an .ipk available for download.

webOS Messaging Mod now supports Windows Live Messenger, ICQ, and more. For those looking to expand their messaging clients, the latest version of the messaging mod will give you all these and more, with Facebook Chat coming soon, and possibly IRC (others to be added in the future). This was made possible a couple weeks ago when Palm allowed full access to their open source library, libpurple, which powers their webOS instant messenger. There are still a few bugs however, including:

  • Attempts to link your new Live Messenger, Yahoo IM, or ICQ contacts to an existing contact will result in your Pre freezing.
  • After such a linking, that contact card will look completely blank white, in essence uneditable.
  • After such a linking, the Live Messenger/Yahoo IM/ICQ contact will be the primary contact for that person.

PalmInfocenter has the scoop on all the messaging goodness. The hack is still in development, notes Precentral, but is expected to be released soon.



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