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The very first webOS tutorials ever!

"Wha--? How--?"

Yes, it's true. How is this possible? Although the webOS SDK has yet to be released, Palm has stated that the Mojo application framework is "based on the HTML5, CSS and JavaScript standards that web developers already know and love". So they have already given us all the information necessary start building your webOS development skills today, and we've brought it all together in the very first webOS tutorial ever! (Okay, so maybe calling it a webOS tutorial is a stretch. But if you invest some time in mastering the technologies upon which the webOS Mojo toolkit is based, you can hit the ground running the day it's released!)

We've divided the tutorials into three sections based on your current level of experience as a web developer:

webOS Fundamentals I

If you've built a simple web page, tweaked someone else's code, or even if you're wondering "What is this 'web' thing everyone is talking about?", this tutorial will give you the groundwork you need to be able to develop webOS applications. Learn the basics of HTML, CSS and Javascript through step-by-step interactive tutorials.

webOS Fundamentals II

So you've put together a good few websites and you're proud that you did it without using tables. You've used Javascript to increase interaction with your visitors and to tweak elements of the DOM where it suited you. This tutorial is for you. Learn the more advanced HTML, CSS and Javascript concepts here.

webOS Fundamentals III

You're pretty much a web guru. You know it, your friends know it, your boss knows it (maybe). In this tutorial you'll explore the new elements, attributes, and client-side storage capabilities in HTML 5. You'll learn about advanced CSS layouts and specificity. You'll dive into Javascript prototyping and APIs.



  1. I'm trying these out myself, very very easy to follow and quite informative
  2. Good tutorials, I'm still a beginner myself but looks like it'll be easy to get started, especially from what I saw in the webcast videos.

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