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Home Resources Frequently Asked Questions How do I perform a hard reset on the Pre?

How do I perform a hard reset on the Pre?

To erase all the data from your device or restore it to factory settings, you have several options:

Option 1: Simple hard reset

This can be performed on the Palm Pre by going into Device Info --> Phone Reset Options and tapping the "Full Erase" option. You may want to do this if, for example, you are giving your phone to someone else. Step-by-step:

  1. Open Device Info
  2. Tap Phone Reset Options
  3. Tap Full Erase twice (NOTE: You must still manually delete installed apps, as they reappear after a full erase)
  4. If desired, sign back into your Palm profile on the phone to restore your Palm profile data.

Option 2: Remote hard reset

This can be performed from your Palm profile online and clicking the option to "wipe device". You may need to do this if, for instance, you forgot your password to unlock the screen. Step-by-step:

  1. On your computer, go to palm.com/support
  2. Enter your Palm profile email address and password.
  3. Click Wipe Device to remotely reset your phone.
  4. Turn on your phone and sign into your existing Palm profile to restore backed-up data, applications, and online accounts (e.g. Google, MS Exchange).

Option 3: The webOS Doctor

This is a special recovery tool (software) to restore your Sprint Palm Pre to factory specifications, for example in more serious cases where your phone is unresponsive or frozen. Step-by-step:

  1. Download the latest webOS Doctor here
  2. Start the webOS Doctor; it will now guide you through the recovery process*
  3. When the Reset Complete screen appears, click "Done".
  4. Wait a few minutes for your phone to reset. You may now log into your Palm profile to restore backed-up information.

*It is recommended to charge your battery before attempting, use the official USB cable and do not disconnect during the procedure.

If you only want to soft reset your device (keep your data), you have the following options:

  • Tap the "Restart" button in Device Info --> Phone Reset Options.
  • Slide out the keyboard and hold the "Orange", "Sym", and "R" keys for several seconds to reboot the Palm Pre. This is similar to CTRL + ALT + DEL on a PC.
  • Hold the power button and cycle the ringer button on/off several times.
  • Remove the battery and wait 10 seconds before re-inserting and turn back on the device.


  1. You can also hold down the power button and toggle the mute button 3 times.
  2. 1) There is no "Hard Reset" option. There IS a "Full Erase option.
    2) There is no "Mute" button?
  3. Go to palm.com/support and login with your Palm profile, there is a hard reset option under Device Management.

  5. i am trying to do a hard reset through webos doctor, but since my phone is responsive and not frozen, it wont work... any help??
  6. i did something to it not sure what might have been when i disconected the micro usb cable without pushing the remove safely button or when i synced it with itunes but now its soooo slow ill push something and two minutes later it response... becareful ...still an awesome phone lol......
  7. In my Palm Profile, there is no wipe device button??

    Where do I find this button?
  8. rob-- Click on device info, then "I lost my phone" it will give you the option to erase your device from there. Good luck
  9. i have my ex bf's palm.. i want to use it of course.. how do i get past the pin? i just wanna reset the phone, i dont care if i see any of the info on there rite now, i just wanna transfer my number to it so i can use the thing.. at least get sooomething outa that relationship. Helllp. any suggestions.:'(
  10. my palm pre is frozen how would can I fully earse everything
  11. Toggling the silence swich while holding down the power button worked great :-DThanks
  12. i have an inactive palm pre freshly reset, but it comes up in spanish. how can i get it to english?

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