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March 31, 2015, 12:23:24 AM *
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Author Topic: Welcome to the webOShelp.net forums!  (Read 4557 times)
Ken Young
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« on: February 08, 2009, 04:49:07 PM »

Here's a quick description of the available forums:

webOS Mojo development forums
- For all Mojo development!

The Mojo application development forums are currently locked until the Mojo SDK has been released, or additional details are announced.  Currently, most discussion is speculation or the occasional piece of news, which can be posted directly in the webOS News and Rumors forum or  webOS Speculation and Wish List forum.  We will grab any interesting piece of news or insightful speculation that is posted and share it with the community on the homepage (with credit, of course).

Here's how the individual forums break down:

General - Run into a wall and need some advice?  Post here.

Porting Applications - Got an application built for PalmOS, Blackberry, Windows Mobile or iPhone?  If you have a question about how a specific functionality might be ported from your application to webOS, ask it here.

Mojo Tutorials/Sample Code/Sample Apps - Want to share your knowledge with the rest of the webOS community?  Post your code snippets or complete applications here.  Or take it one step further and write up a quick tutorial.  Tutorials will be moved to the Tutorials section of the site, where users can rate the tutorial and continue to post comments and questions.

Server Side Development - We expect many Mojo applications will be web-enabled.  If you have questions about getting your application talking to a server, post them in here.

If you have an suggestions for this site, e.g. new forums, features (e.g. code repository, template repository, etc.)  please post them to the site suggestions forum.

We have created forums anticipating the release of a native webOS SDK for development of applications such as media players, emulators and 3D games.  This may not happen for a while, so the forum will be locked until it is released.

Welcome again!  Help make this site the ultimate resource for webOS developers by sharing what you know with others.
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