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Widgets support webOS user interface, and Mojo definies styles for each of the widgets. The styles are available simply by declaring and using the widgets, or they can be overridden either collectively or individually with custom CSS.

The List widget is the most important in the framework, as "the webOS user experience was designed around a fast and powerful list widget, binding lists to dynamic data sources with instant filtering and embedding objects within other widgets and lists."

Simple widgets include buttons, checkboxes, sliders, indicators, and containers.

The Text Field widget includes text entry and editing functions, including selection, cut/copy/paste, and text filtering, and can be used in conjunction with a list widget.

Menu widgets can be used with specified areas of the screen, including the view and command menus that are completely under your control. The app menu is handled by the system, but custom items can be added to the menu, as well as functions to service the help and preferences items.

Picker and viewer widgets are more complex, with pickers used for browsing and filtering files or contacts, or for selecting addresses, dates or times. Viewers are used to play or view items such as audio, pictures, video or web content within your application.




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