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Home Tutorials webOS Fundamentals II - HTML, CSS and JavaScript

webOS Fundamentals II - HTML, CSS and JavaScript

webOS skill level: Beginner
Technologies covered: HTML, CSS, Javascript
Prerequisite knowledge: Beginner-level HTML, CSS, and Javascript

This tutorial is for people who have had some experience with HTML, CSS and Javascript.  You've put together a few sites, perhaps experimenting with CSS-based layouts.  Well, great news...you already have a lot of the knowledge you need to build webOS applications!

Although the webOS SDK hasn't yet been released, Palm has provided all the information you need to brush up on your webOS development skills.  On the Palm developer page, Palm states that the Mojo application framework is "based on the HTML5, CSS and JavaScript standards that web developers already know and love". By building our skills with these technologies now, we can get a jump start on Mojo the moment it's released.


You already understand the basics of HTML, so start with this tutorial:


If you're looking for more, go to this page and step through lessons in the the HTML Advanced section:


If you're finding things are going over your head, check out the beginner tutorial.


For intermediate CSS, check out this tutorial:


For more advanced lessons, go through the CSS Advanced lessons at w3schools, starting with this one:


Even developers who have been using CSS for a while will probably learn something new by stepping through these lessons.


So you've written a few functions in Javascript and are ready to take it to the next level.  Javascript is likely to be the meat-and-potatoes of webOS programming, so these will probably be the most important tutorials to go through:


Go through the JS Objects and JS Advanced lessons.

If you're finding things going a little over your head, try the Beginner Tutorial first.  If the concepts are boring you, check out our Advanced Tutorial.



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