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Palm Mojo SDK 1.3.1 now available

With the release of webOS 1.3.1 today, Palm has updated the Mojo SDK to 1.3.1 with numerous enhancements including some Pixi-friendly ones. Here's the breakdown of what's new:


  • Emulator ROM updated to webOS 1.3.1
  • Emulator now provides a user interface for choosing Pixi or Pre resolution at launch
  • Emulator now checks to ensure a supported version of VirtualBox is installed
  • The Mojo SDK v1.3.1 officially supports VirtualBox 3.0.10. Earlier 3.0.X versions may work, but you will need to upgrade if you are still using 2.2.X.
  • The palm-install command-line tool from earlier versions of the SDK is incompatible with webOS 1.3.1 device ROMs, so the 1.3.1 SDK is required to install apps on a device running 1.3.1.


  • New StageController.setWindowProperties() method to prevent screen from dimming / turning off
  • App Help/Support scene Mojo.Controller.StageController.pushAppSupportInfoScene() may now be auto-generated from info provided in appinfo.json
  • File-access restrictions added to the application sandbox environment for increased security

This is in addition to new and revised documents to help you on your way. Check out the full release notes or get it via the download.

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  1. is this the app for palm pixi emulater

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