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First official webOS / Mojo SDK Tutorial from Palm!

After toiling every evening for 3 days, I finally completed my write up of the first official webOS tutorial from Palm presented during the webcast by Mitch Allen.  I added links to various helpful resources, meticulously formatted all of the code, broke everything into easy-to-understand sections, even added screenshots from the video. 10 minutes later...it was all gone.  Wiped out by idiotically-designed CMS software.  I opened the article up to edit the title, made my changes and saved it.  Unfortunately, when I clicked "save", the article body hadn't loaded into the editing window yet.  So what did it save?  NOTHING.  That's right...NOTHING except the title I had just edited.  The tutorial I had slaved over for days was gone...just like that.  Now all that's left in its place is this paragraph of bitterness and lament.  And the sample code from the tutorial that I had saved and posted in the forums.

I may try to rewrite it again this weekend, but right now I need to get to bed...it's been a long day. -Ken



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