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Mojo SDK v1.3.5

As you probably already know, Mojo v1.3.5 dropped recently and v1.4 should be hot on its heels.  Here's a list of the new goodies for developers in v1.3.5 of the Mojo SDK:


  • StageController.setWindowProperties() method now supports the fastAccelerometer property to increase the frequency of acclerometer events from 4Hz to 30Hz


  • Emulator ROM updated to webOS 1.3.5
  • Emulator now simulates orientation and shake events via function keys:
    • F5: Simulate shaking
    • F6: Simulate "up" (12:00 or normal) orientation
    • F7: Simulate "down" (6:00) orientation
    • F8: Simulate "right" (3:00) orientation
    • F9: Simulate "left" (9:00) orientation
  • Emulator: keyboard shortcuts to simulate device orientation changes and shake events


  • Added option to palm-log to control the system logging level on device. By default, release builds running on a production device will only log errors. If you also wish to see warnings and info messages, you can now change the logging level with the palm-log command, as follows:

    $ palm-log-level --system-log-level

    Set to either error, warning, or info. Note that logging levels are progressive, that is "info" will show info, warnings and errors, "warning" will display warnings and errors, and "error" will only display errors.


  • Apps now installed on the media partition, allowing available space to be used for apps
    • If your app uses a hard-coded path to the app directory for any purpose, you will need to update it
    • You should use Mojo.appPath to compose paths to resources within your app directory, rather than hard-coding paths
  • Fixed a bug that was causing playback of some audio files to be clipped at the end
  • Upgraded sqlite to version 3.6.20 to address certain reproducible crashes in sqlite
  • Updated the app sandbox file-access whitelist: apps can again display contact photos returned by the People Picker widget
  • Fixed an issue affecting the ImageView widget: the widget can again display local images regardless of whether the ???noextractfs??? parameter is set to true
  • Launching Palm Emulator will now display an error message if an unsupported version of VirtualBox is installed. Currently the supported versions are 3.0.0 to 3.0.12. Note: If you installed VirtualBox 3.1 and then downgraded to 3.0, you will need to delete your VirtualBox directory (~/Library/VirtualBox on Mac, ~/.VirtualBox on Linux, etc) as the VirtualBox metadata has changed between versions.
  • Fixed an issue where launching Palm Emulator with "palm-emulator -- start" would require escaping spaces in the image name. This is no longer required although quotes are still needed around the name.


  • Additional garbage-collection performance tuning

Also, if you've been paying attention, webOS will soon support Flash 10, and it looks pretty good!  We'll have a quick intro to Flash article coming soon so you can take advantage of this support with the release of webOS 1.4.



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