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Pre specs revealed, supports tethering, MMS

altSprint has updated their Palm Pre specifications pages. While a majority of the info has been available on Palm's site for some time, Sprint is the first to confirm data tethering to the Pre as an EV-DO Rev.A modem, to a laptop or other internet-capable device. This will greatly increase the functionality of those wanting to use their notebook computer while on the go, using service on the Pre to provide an internet connection. Supported connections are listed as including both wired USB and bluetooth.

The price to enable this feature on the Pre has yet to be disclosed. In comparison, the iPhone 3G does not officially support tethering, although some third-party applications can enable it.  AT&T has been rumored to begin offering Tethering for the iPhone for somewhere between $10 and $30 month, although it's still too early for details.

Also listed is integrated bluetooth 2.1+EDR w/ A2DP Stereo, support for MMS, and 7.4GB user-available storage (out of 8GB).



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