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Home Article Listing Palm Pre free after rebate; #1 bestselling mobile phone

Palm Pre free after rebate; #1 bestselling mobile phone

Just the weekend after Amazon dropped their price of the webOS Pre to $99 after rebate, leave it to another retailer, LetsTalk, to offer it for even cheaper; free after rebates. So as long as you're with waiting for a MIR and cashback, you can have some boasting power over your friends who waited in line for a $199 (after rebate) Pre at launch. PhoneCashBack has the scoop on how to cash in on the deal:

  1. Click this link to buy a Palm Pre from LetsTalk. You must click that special link, or no cashback for you.
  2. Use coupon code 25RAFPCVER1 at checkout.
  3. Fill out our cashback request form. They'll give you $54.99 in cashback, the after-rebate price.
  4. We’ll get your cashback out to you before the mail-in rebates arrive. It’s that simple.

The offer lasts for only 72 hours, until 5 PM PST on September 30.

In addition, PreThinking notes that the latest round of price drops has pushed the Pre up to the #1 Bestselling mobile phone on Amazon.com and Best Buy Mobile (although just now swapping the lead with the new BB). Can the new Palm Pixi, expected to debut at $99 after rebate, also rise to the top?




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