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webOS Palm Pre nets top spot in "Hot 100" list

Yesterday we reported that the Pre was first on a top 10 list of gadgets from a source in London; turns out this list was actually a snippet from a top 100 list by T3, a popular UK magazine specializing in gadgets and technology. The Pre has previously won several awards, including Best of Show at CES 2009. Here are a few excerpts from T3's writeup on the Pre:

"Time-worn brands redeeming themselves...but a Palm phone? A hot product from a company that, like Vanilla Ice, was big in the 90s? Believe it. Palm has taken the best aspects of the iPhone and BlackBerry Pearl, thrown away the things that users don't like about those handsets...it's the first true "iPhone killer".

Palm has developed a bespoke operating system, webOS...hopefully ensuring strong application support. Everything about the Pre has been thought about, worked on and buffed to a sheen...As far as we're concerned, the Pre is the hottest, most mouth-watering piece of gadgetry on the planet today."

Other gadgets in the top 10 included the Sony X-Series Walkman, Nokia N97, TomTom Go 940, and Toshiba TG01 smartphone. Apple's offering came in just out of the top 10, with the iPhone ranking #14 on the list.

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