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Home Article Listing Palm Pre to sell for $549 no-contract

Palm Pre to sell for $549 no-contract

Sprint customer service has been taking queries in regards to the Palm Pre, and looks like those who can't or would rather not sign a contract can purchase the phone outright for $549, Engadget reports. The new webOS handset will sell for $199 after rebate with a plan, which is probably the route most will take, but at least we know how much your wallet will be dinged to break free of the usual 2-year handcuffs. Just remember to save $69.99 for the uber-cool touchstone charging dock.

Palm's new smartphone was the winner of Engadget's "Most Anticipated Gadget of 2009", and the webOS platform continues to receive widespread praise. Developers are also getting geared up for preDevCamp, a worldwide webOS app development event, although Apple's Developer Conference (WWDC) will come hot at the heels of the Pre on June 8th.


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  1. So for people who want to develop for WebOS would be feasible to just buy a Pre for $550 with NO Sprint service and just use the built in wifi to connect to the internet? Will Sprint sell you a Pre without ANY service/contract/plan?

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