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Home Article Listing webOS 1.1 confirmed; improved MS Exchange security, new apps; UPDATE: coming July 22nd?

webOS 1.1 confirmed; improved MS Exchange security, new apps; UPDATE: coming July 22nd?

A tipster has given details of the first "major" webOS update for the Palm Pre, which will bring the version up to 1.1. The previous, mandatory 1.04 update did little more than to close an install loophole, so Pre enthusiasts may have a lot more to look forward to this time. The information notes a timeline of 30 days, as well as hinting at new apps (TBD).

For existing apps, they plan to tighten up security issues by offering improved handling of digital certificates, as well as a much-needed overhaul of MS EAS security policies, including:

  • IT initiated Remote wipe
  • PIN/password of minimum length w/ complexity (numeric or alphanumeric)
  • Device wipe with X number of failed PIN attempts
  • Auto-lock after X minutes of activity

With the increased security features, enterprise and corporate users may finally feel comfortable picking up a Pre. If Palm is serious about enterprise adoption, addressing all the security weaknesses on the device will give them a shot at attracting the corporate, Blackberry-toting crowd.

As for new apps, it's unsure at this time whether they will come in the form of first or third-party titles. Is there anything else you would like to see in the next update?


UPDATE: The update was since confirmed during a press brief with Palm UK and O2, in which the Pre unit was found running version 1.1.0. Could this be an indication that the update is just around the corner for the rest of us?

UPDATE #2: Another screenshot (see right) confirms again that the new update is nearing. July 22nd is rumored to be the release date, and it will include improved battery performance, better UI animations, and more.


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  1. Yes, I am very dissapointed in the personalization options. I would like to simply attach my own ringtone to text messaging. As of now it comes with a built in "ding" you cant change.. this is frustrating. Also, the speakers seemed dull. And finally know portrait mirror to measure urself on for photo.. basics functionalities missing and dissapointing. The picture button on the screen makes taking pictures difficult as well. Technology great! Functionality, suffering!

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