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WebOS news and rumors from everywhere on the net.

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1 What you need to know about the webOS PDK Feb 27 Ken Young
2 webOS 1.4 is here! Feb 27 Ken Young
3 Mojo SDK v1.3.5 Jan 04 Ken Young
4 Happy New Year! Jan 04 Ken Young
5 webOS 1.3.1 update released; Facebook app now available Nov 14 Andrew Young
6 Palm Mojo SDK 1.3.1 now available Nov 14 Andrew Young
7 Flash 10.1 coming to webOS in first half of 2010 Nov 12 Andrew Young
8 Palm Ares SDK to add drag-and-drop JavaScript functionality to webOS Nov 08 Andrew Young
9 Palm to boost webOS performance with next update? Nov 04 Andrew Young
10 Palm to offer early access to webOS updates (UPDATE: 1.3.1 now distributed) Oct 30 Andrew Young
11 Palm talks webOS App Distribution, more at Sprint DevCon Oct 29 Andrew Young
12 Air Hockey creator Acceleroto details webOS development experience Oct 27 Andrew Young
13 webOS App Catalog growing rapidly; more ways to keep up-to-date Oct 23 Andrew Young
14 Multi IM clients coming to webOS with video recording, more Oct 23 Andrew Young
15 New webOS patch adds closing slider hang-up; other tweaks detailed Oct 21 Andrew Young
16 webOS App Catalog now indexed online at Palm.com Oct 21 Andrew Young
17 webOS Docs2Go delayed until 2010? Oct 18 Andrew Young
18 Palm to address app space limit on Pre? New webOS hack brings some relief Oct 16 Andrew Young
19 Sprint Open Developer Conference coming Oct. 26-28 Oct 16 Andrew Young
20 The Palm Developer Experience: Video and Profiles Oct 07 Andrew Young
21 Palm to offer web distribution of webOS apps in December Oct 06 Andrew Young
22 Adobe Flash for Smartphones - v10.1 now running on Palm Pre! Oct 05 Doug Chaplow
23 Palm webOS 1.2.1 released; fixes iTunes sync, Exchange and more Oct 04 Andrew Young
24 Palm webOS breaks into mobile OS rankings; Pre top-tier in smartphones Oct 02 Andrew Young
25 webOS App Catalog: Paid apps coming soon Oct 02 Andrew Young
26 App Catalog "Kill Switch" confirmed in webOS 1.2 Sep 30 Andrew Young
27 Palm Pre webOS 1.2.0 update woes Sep 30 Andrew Young
28 Palm Mojo SDK, webOS Doctor updated to version 1.2 Sep 28 Andrew Young
29 Palm webOS 1.2 released; many improvements, still no iTunes sync Sep 28 Andrew Young
30 New webOS hacks - Palm Pre video recording, MSN Messenger and more Sep 28 Andrew Young
31 Palm webOS 1.2 update due this week? Over 70 improvements expected Sep 28 Andrew Young
32 Mozilla developer team tapped by Palm Sep 28 Andrew Young
33 App Catalog e-commerce coming Sept. 24? (UPDATE: Delayed) Sep 22 Andrew Young
34 webOS virtual keyboard gets an update Sep 22 Andrew Young
35 Palm paying companies to develop webOS apps Sep 15 Andrew Young
36 Palm webOS 1.2 preview: New Pre features, App Catalog updates and more Sep 14 Andrew Young
37 New webOS apps (including Google Voice) arrive in the App Catalog Sep 10 Andrew Young
38 NaNplayer becomes first app rejected from the webOS App Catalog Sep 10 Andrew Young
39 iTunes 9 breaks Palm Pre sync...again? Sep 09 Andrew Young
40 New webOS package installation app makes patching easy; including Virtual Keyboard Aug 29 Andrew Young
41 Palm adds six more apps to the webOS App Catalog Aug 21 Andrew Young
42 Palm accepting paid apps into App Catalog with e-commerce beta program Aug 19 Andrew Young
43 webOS App Catalog: Good, not cheap apps wanted; New Lead Administrator Aug 17 Andrew Young
44 Palm opens webOS Game Development portal Aug 17 Andrew Young
45 webOS App Catalog: New additions, YouTube optimization and more Aug 14 Andrew Young
46 Palm Pre onscreen keyboard in the works Aug 14 Andrew Young
47 PreDevCamp brings forth new webOS apps Aug 12 Andrew Young
48 PreDevCamp kicks off today! Facts and intro by Mitch Allen Aug 08 Andrew Young
49 Palm wants YOU on the fast track to the App Catalog Aug 07 Andrew Young
50 webOS Developer Checklist for preDevCamp 2009 Aug 04 Andrew Young
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