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Jimmy Fallon "geeks out" over Palm Pre on show

Last week, rumors were that tech-savvy late-night host Jimmy Fallon wanted to get the webOS Palm Pre on his show. That became a reality yesterday, when Fallon played host to Engadget editor-in-chief Joshua Topolsky, who toted the new webOS device with him onto the show.

Topolski had barely become comfortable before sliding the sleek handset out of his pocket. "You're going to show me something that I'm dying to know about.", Fallon said. "You've managed to get something that noone else can get...because you're you", Topolsky quipped back.

The duo then proceeded to drool over the device, or "geek out", as Topolski would put it, running through features such as synergy, cards, accelerometer, and the wireless touchstone charger. Fallon asked more than once if it would rival or beat the iPhone, but Topolsky only said it would "be on the same pedestal" as Apple's handset.

With a release date estimated as late as June, Topolski didn't give us much help. "First half of the year...and they're running out of months. If not, there will be geek riots", Topolski joked.



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