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Home Article Listing Best Buy to give $100 instant rebate on Palm Pre

Best Buy to give $100 instant rebate on Palm Pre

Just yesterday, the Palm Pre was announced with a price of $299, before a $100 mail-in rebate. This brought a collective groan from smartphone users hoping to snag the webOS phone for under $200 without the hassle of filling out a form and waiting 8-10 weeks for a rebate cheque (if sent in at all). Best Buy has the answer, and will be selling the Pre for $200 including an instant rebate, rather than a mail-in one.

Getting an instant rebate would leave you with more than enough cash to pick up the inductive Touchstone dock for $69.99. "Just buy your Pre at the Big Blue, and save yourself the pain", Gizmodo states. With this, the Pre lines up with the 8GB iPhone 3G price of $199. The device will be available throughout Best Buy Mobile stores, as well as Sprint, Radio Shack, and Wal-Mart stores, although you will have to jump through the rebate hoops with the rest.



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