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It's Here - webOS Palm Pre Launched on Sprint


The day has finally arrived for which Sprint stores have been preparing (and opening early for), and for which the everyman can finally get their hands on Palm's first webOS device, for $199 after a $100 mail-in rebate. Reports are already streaming in from excited owners:

"I have been reading everything on the internet about the Pre for the last few months and I knew it was going to be a revolutionary device", states Ken Fitzgerald via Wired, a mobile phone developer who broke his Verizon contract to get the Pre. However, the Palo Alto Sprint store lacked the long lines that the nearby Apple store had seen for the iPhone or iPhone 3G. Meanwhile Doug Chapalow, a web and multimedia developer, had about 10 people in line at a VA store before they opened the doors.

Previously, ten Sprint stores offered the device to Sprint Premier customers at launch parties last night, and comedians Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander hammed it up over the Pre at a Hollywood benefit this past Wednesday.

Got a Pre yet? Send your photos to , or share your experiences in the Palm Pre forum. Developers can also discuss webOS in our Mojo Developer's Forum.

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