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Home Article Listing Palm webOS Eos "Pixie" to be delayed until 2010?

Palm webOS Eos "Pixie" to be delayed until 2010?

Palm's new thinline webOS handset, the Eos ("Pixie"), previously rumored to replace the popular Centro smartphone by Christmas and ship by November, will now probably drop sometime in 2010, reports Digital Daily. Analyst Ilya Grozovsky of Morgan Joseph states:

"We think that the Pixie, which we believe is being geared for AT&T (T) and has a different form factor than the Pre, is not likely to be available for the 2009 holiday season."

However, without the release of the sub-$100 (rumored) Eos, Palm will need to hold out later this year against AT&T and its $99 iPhone model, especially with Pre sales falling from 200,000 units in June to 100,000 units in July, and forecasts of deeper losses for Palm this quarter, predicts Barrons. On the flipside, consumers may benefit from lower prices that could be on the way later this year. "We believe price cuts may be looming...in an effort to spur holiday sales of the Pre," Grozovsky notes.



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