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Home Article Listing 3rd Party Sync (including Palm Pre) to be officially added to iTunes?

3rd Party Sync (including Palm Pre) to be officially added to iTunes?

Good news for iTunes and Palm fans: In the battle between the Pre's Media Sync and iTunes, which saw the Pre first sync with iTunes, Apple breaking compatibility with their new version, only to have syncing restored soon after with the latest version of webOS, this could all be a thing of the past. Boy Genius recently posted a series of screenshots of the upcoming iTunes 9 release, with some people noticing in a screenshot (above) that a Samsung player was syncing natively with iTunes. Philip Berne responded in a Tweet:

"People are burying the lede on this iTunes 9 story. The big news, if true, is 3rd party device support. If you can't beat 'em, sync 'em."

So far, it seems Palm has done everything they could to get a place for the Pre in iTunes, including the aforementioned back and forth, and more recently complaining to the USB-IF about Apple's policies of blocking USB devices by Vendor ID. So if it pans out, this could be a big win for Palm (and many other companies) who want to officially be on board the iTunes train. Apple would also benefit, as their user base for iTunes and the iTunes store would widen considerably.




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