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Home Pure Speculation! Palm Centro spotted with webOS?

Palm Centro spotted with webOS?

UPDATE (02/21): Looks like this was too good to be true. Turns out the images are actually of a fake webOS. TamsPalm reports that the the Centro is running is actually running TealOS, which only "emulates the webOS look and feel on all recent Palm OS devices". The software costs $15 from TealPoint Software. A video of the software in action can be found here.

Just today, TamsPalm was sent images by "an industry source" of a Centro, with the three images apparently showing it using the webOS operating system. Is this just a fancy theme or are they really working on bringing the next-gen OS to an earlier device?


While we hope it is the latter, don't hold your breath. TamsPalm offer both theories:

The Centro is using a webOS skin: Because the final version of the Pre lacks the "Global Find" button and has different application icons, the Centro is merely emulating the look and feel of webOS in an earlier state.

The Centro is running webOS: The success of the Centro makes Palm unlikely to abandon it in the near future, therefore a webOS Centro is thus probably in the works at this point. Everything but the multitouch can be tested on the device.

Do you think that the Centro is really running webOS? Or even capable of handling the advanced feature set? We will keep you posted as new information becomes available.



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  1. I have a mixed experience with my previous palm, it was good . But working on it was a little uneasy.

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