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"Big news" for Palm Pre and webOS - April 1st

It looks to be a very exciting day for Palm webOS and the Pre. The Pre is quickly nearing store shelves, predicted to be released on April 30 (...or is it out already?). Microsoft, Google, and Nokia, among others, finally made a simultaneous move today in response to Palm's dismal Q3 revenue reports. Industry sources from around the web quickly reported on the events.



MobileBurn: Microsoft to buy Palm, drops Windows Mobile 7 - Fearing the upcoming iPhone 3.0 software, Microsoft put in a huge bid to acquire Palm.

PalmWebOS: Google buying Palm (RUMOR) - The new Venture Capital division, Google Ventures, appointed Android development lead Rich Milner to aid the division's acquisition of Palm.

MyNokiaBlog: Nokia to buy Palm for $4.1B - Finnish mobile manufacturer Nokia Corp. agrees to buy US based Palm Inc. for 4.15 billion dollars (3.14 billion euros).

MobileCruch: Palm reveals new "Post' smartphone, still working on Pre - At the CTIA 2009, a 4G enabled "Post" smartphone was announced to be already in development, parallel to the Pre.

PalmWebOS Blog: Palm Pre is out! Launch on Sprint and O2 - Sprint and O2 have apparently pulled out all the stops, responding to an unexpected iPhone 4G launch on April 27.

jkOnTheRun: Pre Cancelled; Introduced Palm Peo - Palm CEO Ed Colligan addressed press in Vegas with plans for a Palm Peo ("Pay-o"), which merges all the advantages of the Pre and Foleo into one.


Feel free to comment below. After all, we only get one April Fools before the Pre really hits store shelves .

In the meantime, you can check out some (real) webOS tutorials to get a head start on developing for the Pre.



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