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Palm opens up for input on webOS

On the Palm Developer Network blog, blogger Andrew Shebanow (Palm representative) has posted an open invitation for developers to post suggestions on application distribution on webOS, and, more broadly, on webOS itself.

This is your chance to let Palm know what you would and would not like to see on the webOS platform, in particular in areas related to:

  • Application installation and updating
  • Ecommerce (purchase, trials, coupons, etc.)
  • Security (code signing, testing, anti-phishing, malware, etc)
  • Browsing and searching for applications

Head on over there and post your suggestions!  In the future, let's hope Palm will browse the forums for valuable feedback from developers.





Pandora on developing for webOS

Palminfocenter has posted an interesting interview with Pandora about developing the Pandora software for webOS.  He expands on the advantages and disadvantages of developing phone apps using web languages:

I think that there is a bit of a trade-off there, in fact I think when they first told us about their approach I was sceptical that you would be able as a developer to get a really great user experience with fluid presentation just using HTML/Javascript/CSS and so on in the Mojo framework... but I think for a certain class of application – when you think about an email application, or the contacts application, or something like Google Maps or Pandora – I think all of these classes of applications are really going to be fantastic to build and deliver on webOS. Anything like a medical encyclopaedia – anything sort of data and presentation-oriented I think will be very very easy to develop and have fantastic user experience characteristics. Even for multimedia applications like Pandora.

He also gushes on the greatness of the Pre hardware.  A nice little inside look from one of the only companies so far to have developed with the mojo toolkit.



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