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Sprint addresses Palm Pre shortage issues

So far, there has been several disturbing rumors that suggest a massive Pre supply shortage at launch. For example, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse stated that they don't intend to heavily advertise the new webOS device early on, due to expected shortages. Also, analysts estimate that Pre stock would max out at about 375,000 units (compared to 1 million iPhone 3G units at launch that sold in just 3 days).

Best Buy was also rumored to get only 4,250 Pre phones, or about 4 per store, and launch in 2 phases to handle the limited stock. RadioShack could even be worse off, with rumors of a dismal 2 per store Pre stock on average. The inventory will be "murderously small", an article at Palm Goon states.

However, while Sprint has not denied that supply may not meet demand, the rumors so far are speculative, an official statement concludes via Boy Genius.

At Sprint, we’re excited by the response to the Palm Pre, but what’s been posted is pure speculation. Because of the Pre’s popularity, it’s likely that initially we won’t be able to keep up with the demand for the device. If that happens, we will work diligently to ensure that everyone who wants a Pre can get one as soon as possible.

So while you still shouldn't wake up too late on June 6 to grab your Pre (Premier customers might be able to pick one up early), at least we know that Sprint is looking out for customers and making sure that everyone can get a Pre in good time. What kind of Pre shortages are you expecting, come launch day?



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