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Home Article Listing Palm stock at year-plus high since Pre; Mojo SDK early access program doubles in size

Palm stock at year-plus high since Pre; Mojo SDK early access program doubles in size

Palm investors have had reason to be confident lately, as the company reported Q4 results with a smaller net loss than expected, on top of a gross margin of 23.1 percent, reports BusinessWeek. Wall Street saw shares of the smartphone maker rise to the highest levels since October 2007, before the Pre was announced; closing at $16.22 today, up $2.20 (15.69%). The quarter ended May 29, and included early shipments of the Pre, estimated to be up to 150,000 units sold and 351,000 shipped.

In the Palm quarterly conference call, CEO Jon Rubinstein stated that he believes Palm has "pioneered the mobile platform for the next 10 years and beyond". But when asked when the elusive Mojo SDK would be released to developers, he stated that they are:

“…eager to widen the SDK access, but will do so in a controlled and methodical fashion."

This is along the lines of what Palm Community Developer Manager Chuq Von Rospach posted earlier; that the Mojo SDK Early Access Program would be expanded to thousands of developers "as quickly as resources allow". Thankfully, it seems Palm is keeping to plan - The first batch of invites were sent out yesterday according to the PDN Blog, effectively doubling the program since the day before. And the growth will continue. Von Rospach writes:

This is just the first set of new members — our plan is to double the size of the program again in the next week, and then continue the growth as fast as we can until everyone who wants the SDK has access to it.  If you didn’t get an invite today, please be patient — we’re working on it and will continue to work to get as many of you into the program as fast as we can.



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