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Palm announces the Mojo SDK early access program!

Palm Mojo SDK early access program

Earlier today at the web 2.0 conference in San Francisco, Palm announced the Mojo SDK early access program for would-be webOS developers.

The early access program is an opportunity for developers to test-drive and provide feedback on the Mojo SDK prior to its public release. We will admit a small group of developers to start and will increase the size of the program as the tools mature.

If you want to apply for the program be sure to check it out.  Here are a few interesting tidbits from the program FAQ (emphasis ours):


Q: Why the early access program – why can’t everyone get the Mojo SDK now?
The Palm Mojo SDK is brand new, and we’re still actively working on our suite of developer resources. The Palm webOS™ platform will be a great platform for mobile app development, but we want to have a small group of developers kick the tires on our APIs, tools and docs before we release them to the rest of the world.


Q: What are the criteria for admittance?
We’ll take a number of factors into consideration, including the order in which submissions are received, the development platform (Mac, Windows or Linux), and the app description and feature set. Our primary objectives are to get feedback from developers with a variety of different backgrounds and to achieve broad test coverage across our toolset, supported platforms and APIs. Naturally, we also want to start filling the pipeline with applications that Pre users will find attractive.


Q: Will you be rejecting any requests for admission?
We don’t expect to reject any requests for admission, but we can’t say for sure how quickly we’ll be able to let applicants in, and we can’t guarantee that everyone who applies will get access prior to the SDK’s public release. If there are problems processing your request, we will contact you.


Q: Will I be able to distribute and sell apps that I develop as part of the early access program?
Once the Pre and the Palm App Catalog have been released (timing to be announced), you’ll be able to submit applications you’ve developed – including any you work during the  early access program – to the catalog for over-the-air distribution.  You can expect that various elements of the SDK will change and you may be required to rework your application to make it compatible with the final SDK.  Participation in the early access program does not guarantee your application acceptance into the App Catalog, but it gives you a head start in understanding the technologies and unique features of webOS.


So if you're interested in applying be sure to get over there ASAP!  It looks like Palm is going to admit as many people as they can, but who knows how many applications they'll receive.  It also looks like the SDK is still in a state of flux and that it will stabilize over time as we get closer to the wide release.  But I'm sure that won't deter many people who are reading this article. :)



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