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Palm Pre now available online and via Sprint TeleSales

For those who don't have a Sprint store nearby or are too busy cooking up your latest webOS app, your purchasing power has increased as of late. Previously only available in retail outlets, you can now recline with the speakerphone or make productive your mouse-clicking finger, as Palm's new smartphone is now available via Sprint TeleSales and online. An excerpt from an internal Sprint memo is below:

Summary: Big news! Sprint has decided to open up the selling of the exciting new Palm (NSDQ: PALM) Pre device to Telesales starting 07/20/09 and Sprint.com and Wireless Manager on 7/22/09.
Specialists: All
All, except employee accounts (EWD and SWAC)
Effective Date:

You can also purchase it online at Sprint.com with free shipping and free activation, but note that you will still have to wait for a $100 MIR with either method. An upgrade option is also available for those already with Sprint. This is a good indication that supply shortages have finally eased up, and everyone can now get in on some webOS action. As for Palm's next proving ground, Bell Canada is expected to be the next carrier to get the device.




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