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Home Article Listing The skinny on the new webOS Palm Pixi: First pics, videos and more

The skinny on the new webOS Palm Pixi: First pics, videos and more

Palm has officially lifted the curtain on their second webOS smartphone, the thinline Palm Pixi, which was foreshadowed since April and previously referred to as "Eos" or "Pixie". Palm's thinnest phone ever shaves 6.1mm in thickness off of the Pre; and at 10.85mm, it's even thinner than the iPhone 3GS and Blackberry devices, while sporting a full QWERTY keypad.

Also, despite an apparent AT&T factsheet and other rumors that it would arrive on GSM, the phone will be launching exclusively on the Sprint 3G network. Availability is still TBD, although Palm has confirmed previous rumors that it would come in time for the holiday season (despite speculation that delays may push it to 2010).

Features of the Pixi include 8GB internal storage, customizable back plates, multitouch, and updated Synergy and Facebook App. It uses Qualcomm's MSM7627 chipset, with built-in GPS, 2MP camera and Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR. However, it will not have WiFi and has a smaller screen than the Pre (320x400), while sporting a form factor similar to the Centro (non-sliding keyboard). It will also sync with iTunes, according to Palm. First videos and more after the break.

From the Palm Blog:

All the power of Palm webOS -- including multitasking activity cards, Palm Synergy, intuitive notifications, and universal search -- will soon be available in a striking new form factor. Palm Pixi -- due on the Sprint network in time for the holidays -- is Palm’s thinnest phone ever. With a visible full keyboard and rubberized back cover, Palm Pixi is especially handy for extensive messaging and social networking. Want to add a touch of extra style? The Palm Pixi Artist Series offers you a selection of limited-edition back covers in a range of eye-catching designs.

The unveiling of the Pixi also preempts Apple's new releases again, similar to how the Pre launched just two days before the new iPhone was to be announced at the Apple WWDC. This time, the Pixi announcement comes right as Apple is expected to show off their new iPod line. No doubt Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein, former executive of Apple's iPod division, played no small part in this marketing strategy.

Since the announcement, Palm has been busy showing off the Pixi to the press; check out a 5-minute hardware demo from Precentral below:

Also check out the "Meet Pixi" video from Palm:

For more details, see the Full Press Release or visit the Official Portal. What do you think of Palm's latest device, and will be you be putting a Pixi on your gift list this holiday season?



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