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Why Palm webOS is an ideal netbook platform

As the Pre edges closer to launch, the promise that webOS brings of wide accessibility and near-limitless online connectivity has developers eagerly anticipating the Palm Mojo SDK; even laptop enthusiasts are beginning to see the potential in the new platform.

Laptop Mag has a recent editorial on how Palm's webOS "could shake up the netbook world". Recent reports that Dell should acquire Palm and statements by Palm CEO Ed Colligan about an entire product line built on webOS have added to reasons why a webOS netbook is in the cards. Five supporting reasons are presented in the article:

  1. The most attractive and intuitive Linux OS. Ever. - webOS is polished and slick, and "doesn't even feel like you're using Linux". The consumer-friendly platform would be the answer to crippled netbooks utilizing Windows 7.
  2. Touch-friendly - With the Asus Eee PC T91 launching this year, webOS would be a welcome alternative to Windows XP in a touchscreen unit. Also, the upcoming Palm App Catalog will have many touch-friendly apps.
  3. Cloud integration - Synergy and layered calendars from multiple sources make webOS a no-brainer on a netbook, and would make syncing to your primary PC a breeze.
  4. ARM processor optimized - The CPU would be ultra-efficient in a netbook form factor, with other netbooks like the ARM-powered Always Innovating Touch Book claiming up to 15-hour battery life.
  5. Flash support - Palm recently announced support for Flash, and being able to enjoy Flash sites without the overhead of X86 architecture would add to a stable and rich app library.

So how soon should we expect a webOS netbook, if ever? Last month, we also discussed how webOS could fit in the netbook market, with thoughts on Apple's disinterest in producing an OSX netbook and the faliure of the Palm Foleo in 2007. Will Palm try again with a Foleo 2?



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