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Home Article Listing Pre's webOS image leaked/released; Access Pre dev mode (with Konami code); UPDATE: New homebrew apps

Pre's webOS image leaked/released; Access Pre dev mode (with Konami code); UPDATE: New homebrew apps

Palm webOS ROM leaked

The developer mode on the Pre was found from the complete 195 MB webOS root image from a leaked Palm webOS Reset Doctor program found on Precentral. The program is intended for restoring Pre phones with critical system errors. You can download the program here (check the resources folder). Upon cracking open the ROM, several other interesting items have been found so far:

  • amusing developer comments (e.g. "# what the hell does this do?")
  • icons for MSN and AOL (which could round off upcoming Yahoo support for synergy)
  • a Java Virtual Machine
  • references to the upcoming Palm Eos (Pixie / Castle). In /etc/miniboot.sh (code after the break)

# Start novacomd service
if [[ "$hostName" == "castle" ]];then
modprobe g_composite product=0×8002
elif [[ "$hostName" == "pixie" ]];then
modprobe g_composite product=0×8012
modprobe -q g_composite

  • possible references to Cingular, Telstra, Rogers devices? in /usr/lib/luna/CarrierNetworkSettings.db3

http://mms.singtel.com:10021/mmsc# wap.voicestream.comyhs_nullhs_null

  • Identifying the Pre as an iPod in Palm Media Sync (which Apple could potentially use to break iTunes sync). in /resources/webOS/nova/usr/lib/storaged/diskmode-call.sh


if [ x$1 = xon ]; then
# set up sysfs entries
/usr/lib/storaged/diskmode.sh media init Apple iPod 1.62 /usr/share/storaged/SysInfoExtended
# on which this depends
/usr/lib/storaged/diskmode.sh media on
elif [ x$1 = xoff ]; then
/usr/lib/storaged/diskmode.sh media off
echo "unknown arg $1" >& 2

Clearly, the ROM opens the door to a lot of possibilities, such as more hidden features, hacking and even ROM cooking possibilities that could really open things up on the device. Also, if you find any other interesting tidbits in the ROM, feel free to post in the forums.

UPDATE: Homebrewers have already starting doing their thing, thanks to the new ROM. So far, coders have overwritten the Sprint Nascar application, tweaked camera functionality and more, adding features such as enhanced flash control, a 5-second timer, and shutter sounds (or lack thereof). Head over to Engadget for the deets.

Activate developer mode on Pre

While the Palm Mojo SDK is still in limbo before the public release, now you can have a heads up on how to connect up your Pre to the SDK as soon as you get your hands on it. Engadget reports the procedure will be quite familiar to gamers of old. From the Pre launcher, simply type in "upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart" - yes, that's awfully similar to the infamous Contra / Konami code. At least now we know what the webOS programmers were playing between sessions.

This brings up a hidden "Developer Mode Enabler" app, with a prompt to "Turn developer mode on to turn on Developer Services on the device." Once the slider is activated, you receive a prompt to reset the device to connect with the Mojo SDK. A short video of the process is below.




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