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Home Article Listing Chapter 11 of Palm webOS - Localization and Internationalization - Released!

Chapter 11 of Palm webOS - Localization and Internationalization - Released!

Just days after Chapter 10 of Palm webOS Rough Cuts was released, Chapter 11, Localization and Internationalization, is out to work on your webOS chops before the Mojo SDK hits by summer's end. Below is the summary of what to expect from the latest chapter:

"Palm webOS is a world-ready operating system designed to support localized and internationalized applications. This chapter provided an overview of locales, character sets, fonts and keyboards, and covered the localization architecture, tools and techniques. The internationalization APIs were briefly summarized.

Just as with the rest of the framework, building global-ready applications is easy with Mojo and Palm webOS. If you haven't attempted to take an application beyond your own region or locale, then this is a great opportunity to expand your potential user base."

Topics covered:

  • Locales
    • Character Sets and Fonts
    • Keyboards
  • Localization
    • Localized Application Structure
    • appinfo.json
    • JavaScript Text Strings
    • Localizable HTML
  • Internationalization
    • Multilingual formatting

See a topic that interests you? Visit the official site to learn more, or to purchase the book and keep up with the latest chapters. The print edition can also be preordered from Amazon.



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