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Classic getting Palm OS HotSync capability

For those using webOS to run their Palm OS apps, but desire HotSync capability for installation, backups, and more, fear not: MotionApps is closing in on completing an update that will add the much-requested HotSync functionality to their Classic emulator. From their blog:

"We have HotSync working on our development devices and it is successfully syncing with standard Palm Desktop software that is shipping with Centro and other Palm OS devices. New version of Classic will be able to perform HotSync operations over Bluetooth or WiFi connections...as far as we can tell everything works without any limitations."

This is good news for loyal Palm fans, and brings Classic that much closer to seamless backwards compatibility with the huge library of Palm OS apps, utilities and games already out there. Despite their progress, MotionApps still does not have an ETA on the update.

The previous update added basic sound and increased stability, and MotionApps recently introduced a new portal as a database for Palm OS app compatibility.



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