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webOS VoIP clients arrive on the Palm Pre

For Pre users wanting to take advantage of their data plan to make inexpensive or free VoIP calls around the world, you now have more than one option:

First off, Shape Services have ported their popular IM+ universal instant messaging service to run in the Pre browser, which allows for full Skype functionality. The app is web-based and you simply visit s4palm.com on your mobile browser to get in. Once logged on, you use SkypeOut minutes to make calls and can also text with Skype contacts. The program comes with a 10-day trial and for $9.99 you can get lifetime usage of IM+.

Meanwhile, Voxofon is working on their own VoIP application to run natively on webOS, and is due out later this year on the Pre. The app will be free to download and international rates will start at 1.3 cents/minute and international texts from 6 cents.

Finally, a new unofficial app called dkGoogleVoice has been developed, which acts a third-party Google Voice client. For those unfamiliar, Google Voice allows you to have a single phone number that can be set to ring through to any phone, for example your cell phone, work phone, or home phone. You can also filter which contacts will ring through to select phones, or even send unwanted callers directly to voicemail. It also offers voicemail forwarding, transcripts, greetings, and more.

Also, because Google Voice apps have since been rejected from the iPhone, Pre users can now have a one-up on their iPhone buddies who may be fielding unwanted calls and dishing out some serious bucks for international usage. Check out a short animated video after the break describing this new service. Have you ever used Google Voice before, or if you are a VoIP user, will having these services on the Pre will be useful to you?



  1. I have a Skype account but I don't use SkypeOut. Unfortunately, none of the VoIP apps allow me to use the standard Skype service.
  2. and the inaccurate excuse for journalism surrounding the googlevoice confusion continues.. save the world and stfu about stuff you haven't even read about enough to understand.
  3. My friend is trying to call me from her Pixi, but it seems that the IM+ Talk is buggy and doesn't work properly, any ideas on what a good VOIP client would be that can call applications on iPhones or Macs? No official Skype client sucks.

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