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webOS Developer Checklist for preDevCamp 2009

With all the talk of preDevCamp coming this Saturday, nothing would be worse than getting all psyched up, and then arriving unprepared for the big day. Luke from the San Francisco camp made up a checklist of ten things to pack with you, so you can keep up with all the big boys of webOS development. Here's what he suggests:

  1. A Laptop running one of the 3 supported operating systems in at least a virtual machine if not as the main OS (32 bit windows -xp or vista, Mac OSX, Linux)
  2. A thumb drive or a cd with the SDK to share with your neighbor if they forget it. Get it at http://developer.palm.com
  3. Your coolest geek shirt. Don’t have one? You still have time to order one from think geek
  4. An Idea of what you want to build or help build.
  5. Your palm pre – you have one right?  If not you will have several chances to win one. Ideally in developer mode.
  6. Graphic Design software if you’re a designer – Adobe Fireworks works best. Get the trial here.
  7. An IDE – Eclipse works best and palm has special plugins for it.
  8. Paper or a notebook for sketching ideas and notes. – Portable whiteboards are cool too.
  9. Hacker / devhouse  / excitement to learn / can do spirit  – without this you will have no fun, and at the end of the day I hope that is what you have.
  10. Have a great camp!

Short of your enthusiasm, there's really only 8 items on the list...but we won't fault you for that, Luke. Does anyone have any other last-minute suggestions on what to bring along for a successful event?



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  1. heaven forbid you forget your usb sync cable!!

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