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Mozilla developer team tapped by Palm

Dion Almaer and Ben Galbraith, who headed the Mozilla Developer Tools Lab since October 2008, have made the move to webOS as directors of the Palm Developer Relations Team. They were responsible for products such as Bespin, a cloud-based editor designed to be an extendable framework for application developers. Their editor was developed in reaction to excitement about smaller hardware becoming more useful as applications shifted to the web. The pair are well known for their JavaScript ideas and as pioneers of Ajax, founding Ajaxian, a web community.

"We will be trying to create a rich connective tissue between the company and the web developer community that we love", writes Almaer in his blog. "There is a massive opportunity with Palm webOS to give Web developers the ability to deploy outside of the browser, and onto the device."

When they were approached by Palm, the management team impressed them, persuading them of the crucial role of the Web to developers. "By giving us the honor of this responsibility, they signal their intent". And for Mozilla fans, although officially off the project they will continue to contribute to Bespin, as Mozilla is an open community. "You can't say that about too many companies out there", Almaer notes.




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