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Home Article Listing Jon Rubinstein talks webOS, Pixi, Apple on The Engadget Show (VIDEO)

Jon Rubinstein talks webOS, Pixi, Apple on The Engadget Show (VIDEO)

Last weekend, the very first episode of The Engadget Show was filmed in the heart of NYC, with Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein as the inaugural guest. In the segment we learn a bit about Rubinstein's story, including his role at Apple (as VP of the iPod division), and moving into his new calling at Palm. He starts off discussing the Pre (including stating that a GSM version would be out in Europe by the holidays, including UK, Spain, Ireland, and Germany). He then shows off and the new webOS Pixi, which was met with healthy applause. Availability will be "before the holidays", although price is still to be announced.

At about 25:30 he moves into describing his plan for attracting webOS developers, the SDK and the direction that the App Catalog is going. "Quality of apps are really important to us...we have more (SDK tools) coming" he states. "We've gotten tremendous interest from iPhone developers. Speed of development is much faster on webOS; we want to make sure the experience is great, and it's about getting the final App Catalog online in the fall".

Check out the video below (you can also catch Joshua Topolsky's spot on Jimmy Fallon, when he hams it up about the Pre). In addition to Topolsky's witty banter, we also get some cool, live electronic music from Bit Shifter that 8-bit gaming fans can appreciate.




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