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Linux NES Emulator now running on webOS Pre

Just last week along with the webOS ROM, the secret Konami code was found to activate developer mode on the Pre. Now you can use the code for real to collect your 30 lives in Contra. Previously, our 8-bit favorites were only running via Classic, with no sound and bunk controls. However, homebrewers have tweaked the Linux-based FCEUltra NES emulator to run on the Pre in glorious, pixellated 320x480 resolution.

The process is fairly straightforward, notes CrunchGear. Use the root of your device to compile FCEUltra, tweak a few display settings to enable 320x480 resolution, and then configure the key mappings. Load up your favorite ROMs, and you're now ready for some retro gaming action on your Pre!

A short video of it in action can be found here. Hit up the link below for the install instructions.




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