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Home Article Listing Palm Pre hacked to enable tethering, despite warnings

Palm Pre hacked to enable tethering, despite warnings

With homebrewers busy with the release of the webOS image, Palm has warned PreDevWiki, an up-and-coming site "for collecting information about the inner workings of webOS", that discussion of tethering is strictly forbidden.

"We have been politely cautioned by Palm that any discussion of tethering during the Sprint exclusivity period (and perhaps beyond—we don't know yet) will probably cause Sprint to complain to Palm, and if that happened then Palm would be forced to react against the people running the IRC channel and this wiki."

However, this hasn't stopped hackers from doing their thing. Engadget reports that tethering is a go, enabled by rooting your phone, enabling SSH, and configuring your browser to run through a SOCKS proxy. While it may not be the most elegant solution at this point, it seems previous promises of Pre tethering may be finally coming through, albeit unofficially.

Also, these types of warnings haven't been enough to stop iPhone tethering hacks, which have been around for some time. Just be aware that Sprint is probably keeping an eye out for any tethering rogues, so better to keep things on the down low if attempted. Follow the link below for the guide.




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