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New ways to install webOS homebrew apps onto the Pre

Since a previous webOS update closed an early e-mail install loophole, developers have been looking for alternative ways to easily install homebrew apps to their device. In the span of just a few weeks, a range of install methods, some more elegant than others (but all with the same result), have come to the surface. Below is a short summary all the homebrew-installing goodness, for when you cook up your latest and greatest apps.

  • PreBrew Installer: After setting developer mode on the Pre and installing the program, an icon named "Drop file Here to install Pre App" appears on the desktop. Do what it says and you have your app installed. Windows only.
  • Terminal: A command-line terminal for the Pre that is designed to be an on-device homebrew app installer; although it is currently in early, Pre-Alpha stage.
  • WebOS Quick Install: A simple, Java-based app you can install on Mac/PC/Linux. Put your Pre into developer mode with the Konami code, then simply drag and drop .ipk files to the app and click install.
  • fileCoaster: An on-device file download and .ipk install tool. Along the lines of the e-mail install loophole, you just copy and paste .ipk files into the app, and install homebrew without the need for the desktop. It can also download other files, such as images and MP3s.

Note that all programs are still in alpha or beta stages, so use them at your own risk. However with the variety of installation methods available, now your apps should be free to make their way into the world!


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  1. Omg dude plz plz plz help just got palm pre plus and try to put gba emulator on it and now its not working plz help this is what it looks like and i cant to anything

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