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Palm App Catalog gets a couple new additions

Less than a week after the webOS 1.1 update added a single app for NFL fans and re-enabled iTunes sync, Palm has let loose a couple new additions to the App Catalog for us to download (at no cost). Pre users can now download OpenTable for Palm webOS, a popular restaurant reservation service which takes advantages of the device capabilities, such as location-aware features and synergy integration of your reservations to your calendar.

Also new in the App Catalog is Fliq Bookmarks, a utility from Mark/Space that works with the Missing Sync (which coincidentally allows Pre-iTunes syncing should Apple break connectivity again) is to transfer Safari bookmarks to your Palm Pre. It currently works with the Mac version, although PC syncing is expected soon.

Could this be a sign of good things to come? Palm has already released the public Mojo SDK, which is already up to version 1.1, and while homebrew installing is quite easy, we're sure Palm will want a few more additions to their App Catalog in the near future.

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