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O'Reilly book - Palm webOS by Mitch Allen printed

For those waiting for a newly minted version of Palm webOS, 1st edition to get the latest tips on developing from Palm CTO Mitch Allen, you may not have to wait much longer. TamsPalm reports that the Early Access team sent out notification that the book has hit the printing press:

"This is a notification that Palm webOS, 1st Edition has just been published to print.

As part of the terms of the Rough Cuts service, you may continue to access the completed book online for a period of 45 days. During this period, you will be able to the PDF version. However, if you plan to read Palm webOS, 1st Edition online after this 45 day period, you will need to access it as part of a standard Safari Books Online subscription.

For users who purchased the Rough Cuts Bundle, you will receive a separate email shortly with the shipping and billing information for the print version of your Rough Cuts title."

So if you've purchased the Rough Cuts edition, consider archiving the latest PDF in the next month or so, before Safari Books Online gives you the boot. Meanwhile, the book is listed for preorder from Amazon (at a lower price than O'Reilly's site), and should be available in the next couple weeks or so.

The final chapter of Palm webOS: Rough Cuts, Localization and Internationalization, was released late last month. Visit the official site for more details; you can also discuss the online version in the forums.



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