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Palm wants YOU on the fast track to the App Catalog

If you feel you qualify as a high-caliber developer and are well into completing your "compelling webOS application", Palm wants you on the leading edge before they open the floodgates to the App Catalog. Palm Developer Marketing recently sent out an e-mail to members of the Mojo SDK Early Access Program giving developers an opportunity to:

  • Make an early application submission to the Application Catalog
  • Maximize your application’s visibility in the Application Catalog (if approved)
  • Have your application be considered for inclusion in Palm’s marketing activities
  • Get more personalized attention from Palm

This is a great way for developers to bring their app to the forefront of the App Catalog before it opens up a mass of submissions, as well as get a chance at some great marketing opportunities, such as making your app a "featured" application, and receiving free consulting from a Palm associate to optimize your app and make it ready for the big leagues.

If you're already familiar with the possibilities for success in Apple's App Store, you should realize that this is a rare opportunity for webOS developers to get exposure during the early life of the App Catalog and recognition for their efforts (and possibly make some $$ once it gets established).

If you have an app in the works and are interested in taking advantage, check your e-mail from the Early Access Program. You will need to reply with information such as a description of your app, business model (i.e free, paid, ad-supported), target countries, screenshots, estimated completion date, and a few other tidbits. If you've already done so, good luck, and if you get in, feel free to comment about your experiences!



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