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Sprint Open Developer Conference coming Oct. 26-28

For those on the cooler side of CA, you may want to check out Sprint's first open developer conference in Santa Clara, October 26-28. This is Sprint's ninth annual developer conference, but the first time the event is open to the entire development community. Palm is a platinum sponsor of the event, and will head up several hours of presentations, including keynote addresses from Ben Galbraith and Dion Almaer, directors of Developer Relations for Palm and former Mozilla developers.

The price of admission isn't cheap ($350), but it could be a great opportunity to get word of your app(s) out and to network with other mobile developers (Blackberry, WM, and Android devs will also be on hand). Some of the presentations will include:

  • The basics of webOS programming, and the fundamental elements you'll need to think about to start building your own webOS app
  • How to design your app and how to develop the user interface for your app, so that it both fits in with other webOS apps and stands out to make your app appealing
  • How to code your app, including details about how to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript within the concept of the Mojo Framework to write a successful webOS app
  • Tools, programs, and other resources from Palm to help you with your app development

In addition, Palm technical experts will be on hand to help work on your app during a webOS "coding kitchen" after the formal presentations.

Click here to check out the agenda or to register.




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