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Home Article Listing Palm Pre now available from Amazon, no MIR and less off-contract

Palm Pre now available from Amazon, no MIR and less off-contract

Palm's new webOS smartphone is finally moving beyond the bounds of launch retailers which included Sprint stores, Best Buy, Radio Shack, and Wal-Mart, and most recently via Sprint online and TeleSales. The megastore of the internet, Amazon.com, is now offering the Pre with free shipping for $199, sans the need for any mail-in rebate. For those already tied down, you can pick it up off-contract for $50 less than Sprint, at a slightly less wallet-busting $499.

Head over to Amazon.com to get your order one now; although 4-6 weeks seems to be the price you pay for the convenience of shopping from your seat. The long delays may bring back memories of Palm Pre shortages which popped up around launch time and had a few people camping out.

Meanwhile if you still haven't got your Pre you may also want to check out Wirefly, who are also taking orders and have the lowest price right now at $169.99 on-contract; although their $799 off-contract price is almost as outlandish than Best Buy's previous $849 price (now $749). For the Canadians out there, the Bell Pre is still listed as "coming soon", although the August 1st rumor has since come and gone. Pricing is still TBD for carriers outside of Sprint.




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