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webOS Playstation, MAME emulators coded for Palm Pre

As a good compliment to the Linux-based NES emulator that was hacked for webOS earlier, developer ZODTTD rooted his Palm Pre as soon as he got it, and is now well into work on a PS1 emulator (the program is part of the psx4all project). While still in its early stages (sound, controls and scaling are still being worked on), the graphics are looking quite impressive so far, and he notes that the performance is better than the iPhone 3GS.

In addition, gaming geeks can also look forward to some MAME action, with Nebula coding up an emulator, complete with sound and, of course Contra to boot (the Konami code was previously shown to enter Pre dev mode). From the video it still looks to be a little choppy, but we can definitely see some retro Pac-Man and Galaga action in the near future.





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