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PreDevCamp brings forth new webOS apps

With the big day finally behind us, did preDevCamp 2009 live up to the hype? Marco, who attended the camp at Palm HQ in Sunnyvale, CA would definitely consider it a success in his video blog. One things for certain; he sure packed right for the event. Mitch Allen kicked the flagship camp off with a few words. "We're on the verge of a new generation of applications", he announced.

So with a geeky T-shirt, tasty pizza and upbeat music to kick off his video, Marco gives us a rundown of some of the great webOS apps that came from the 4-hour developing marathon:

  • A dream app that pulls dream summaries pulled from the web with web services, and from a simple shake you get a new dream.
  • The next is a video poker game for the card buffs out there, including score tracking.
  • A game, Word Ace, a combination of poker and scrabble, where you get letters instead of cards and try to get the best word at the end. Full profile / avatar support using the camera, and cross-platform multiplayer (iPhone / Pre) and friend lists.
  • A tiny Palm logo bouncing around using the accelerometer. This one got a nice chuckle.
  • A twitter client called Twee with some fancy CSS3 animations.
  • Marco's app, a scientific calculator inspired by early HP calculators in the '80s. It vibrates with each button press. It also has conversion features, memory and button customization.

Sounds like you had a great experience Marco, and we're sure it will be the first of many preDevCamps! PreThinking was also on hand for the event; you can check out their liveblog for all the details. Remember also that Palm is extending their SDK Early Access Program to allow some early submissions to the App Catalog for qualified developers.

For those attending other camps around the country (and the world), what are some of the apps that you were impressed by?




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