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PreDevCamp kicks off today! Facts and intro by Mitch Allen

PreDevCamp, the worldwide webOS developer event first announced in February, is finally under way today. Palm Software CTO Mitch Allen created a special welcome video for all the attendees, which can be viewed above. Allen was behind the newly-minted Palm webOS development book by O'Reilly and other events such as the first webOS developer webcast. This is futher evidence of the support from Palm for this great event, and their expectations for some killer webOS apps. It's not too late hit up their homepage and attend a local event in your city!

Here's a few helpful links:

And some great facts about the event and more:

  • PreDevCamp has upwards of 1800+ attendees in more than 80 cities worldwide.
  • Over 500 copies of Mitch Allen's Palm webOS book will be offered up as prizes at the events, among other givaways.
  • Sponsors of the not-for-profit event include BlueSwitch, PreCentral, O'Reilly, Zanox, Adobe, LittleSprings Design, Pivotal Labs, UE Architects, and many local organizations.
  • The event is modeled on Barcamp, an event on August 19-21 2005 in Palo Alto, CA. Since then several iPhoneDevCamps have been held with great success.
  • "Tens of thousands of developers" have downloaded the SDK.
  • There have already been 2.5 million downloads from the App Catalog, and Palm is giving some developers a chance to submit their app before the rest.
  • You can still catch up with a summary or video on the two webOS developer webcasts, by Mitch Allen and Christian Sepulveda (of Pivotal Labs)


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