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webOS App Catalog: New additions, YouTube optimization and more

Three new additions to the App Catalog snuck in today, coming a couple weeks after two apps, OpenTable and Fliq Bookmarks, were added to the list. The most recent apps include Blackout, Spades, and Echo.

The first app, Blackout, is a version of Lightsout, a puzzle game in which you try to clear lights from a board. Spades is the classic card game, and is ad-supported.

The third app, Echo, is Chapura's syncing software to sync your Pre with Palm Desktop software. It is windows-only, and works over wifi. It includes a 7-day trial, after which you can buy it for $29.95. For those still using the Classic emulator to hotsync your data, this may be the next step towards full webOS integration.

Also coming soon is the Trapster traffic camera app, which is a database (const antly updated by users numbering over one million) of speed traps, red light cameras, and speed cameras with GPS tracking. It monitors your position and alerts you when you get near a trap. So far, it has over 500,000 speed traps, live police, and checkpoint alerts, and is cross-platform on iPhone, Blackberry, Garmin, TomTom, and more. The webOS release date is still unknown.

Finally, as an alternative to the webOS YouTube application, you can now access a webOS-optimized mobile portal of the online video site that allows you to rate, comment, and subscribe to your favorite videos. This requires no additional download, and is also available to your iPhone and Android-toting friends.

With Palm recently inviting more developers to submit their app next to the App Catalog, it's only a matter of time before the apps really start coming in. Are there any apps that you're most looking forward to?




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